SEO Articles And Web Marketing – Use The Power Of Focus

It is highly unlikely that your do-it-yourself SEO articles and web marketing will be successful without the power of focus.

In this life people become highly successful by focusing with laser beam precision on something very particular. Bruce Willis was just another struggling actor until he found his niche (remember the Die Hard series of films?) and then focused on it with laser beam precision.

The rays of the sun fall harmlessly (mostly) on the planet until somebody gets a magnifying glass and focuses a few of those rays on a particular precise point and it is enough to start a bush fire of colossal proportions. By the way that is the biggest secret of success anybody will ever teach you.

What you must do to succeed in life is to focus on a very particular niche and the smaller that niche, the better. And this should be clearly reflected in your SEO articles and web marketing. You need to cut the clutter and focus on one keyword phrase that describes your web site or blog perfectly and completely. Don’t panic and wonder what you will do with a single keyword phrase, I can assure you that whatever keyword you come up with, it will have dozens of synonyms and related keyword phrases to keep you busy for years. And even if you are super fast and are done in 5 years, I can bet you that there will be more new keyword phrases that will have emerged by that time that will be directly related to your niche keyword.

In other words, get this truth firmly into your mind; one keyword phrase is enough to last you more than a lifetime.

You should have known by now that the web is such a huge place that you will quickly drown and be lost forever if you are not focused on a niche that you can control and dominate completely. Being general on the web like most people try to do is just plain suicide.

So here is the list of things you must do with your SEO articles and web marketing to ensure focus and ultimately success.

Focus Your Web Marketing And SEO Articles By Selecting The Niche You Are Best Placed To Shine In

This should not be done hurriedly, although there are cases where your gut feeling will already be screaming at you about a particular niche. Just remember that whatever you choose, you’ll have to be the best in the world or at least in the top 10 (so that you are sure that you will appear on the first page of search engine results for your keyword).

This is something you can’t fake because no matter how cleverly your do your marketing or disguise things, your SEO articles and your web site will tell visitors immediately whether you know your stuff or not.